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(Basin of Yanayacu - Pucate)


 Arequipa project

We are currently supporting the Arequipa community in Pacaya Samiria - Sector Yanayacu by company Amazon Green Ecolodge SRL with the construction of a Refuge for tourist use, which provides accommodation and meals for visitors who love nature. It´s just a second legal accommodation in this area. This initiative and strategic partnership between the ORMARENA organization - Arequipa and our company is mainly based on ecotourism, which is considered responsible travel, which will help preserve the environment and maintain the welfare of the local community. So there is a new rating level considered "eco-travelers," whose motives are trips or motivation to be physically active, getting involved in all matters relating to wildlife, rural areas, national parks and adventure, all under the environmental design.


The current situation, this project is to offer ecolodge with accommodation, food, trails to develop and promote tourism in the region. The Pacaya Samiria, has majestic landscapes, thanks to its prime location in the Amazon. It has many attractions which offer tourists a direct contact with nature and / or environment and the different cultural manifestations.


Mesmerizing beauty of its rivers, forests, indigenous peoples and the mixture of ancient tradition and culture make this place a mystical and charming area. Moreover, these sites have turned into very visited places and an inexhaustible source of inspiration and scientific curiosity. For this reason it is necessary the development and innovation of new sites that will allow tourists to have direct contact with nature and ethnic groups. It should take into account that in recent years the view of tourism has changed and is now a tourism based on sustainability, which means that the tourist seeks to relate to purely natural sites and, but have management plans sustainable.


The primary object is the conservation and restoration of natural resources and ecosystems in their area of influence, as well as improving the quality of life of human populations (mestizos who already don´t live like original tribes), generating revenue through marketing services that ensure competitive tourism the economic sustainability of the activity.



2 hours by car Iquitos - Nauta, 4 hours by boat Nauta - Refugio (back downstream 2,5 hours).



Refuge was carefully constructed from natural materials in harmony to the surrounding environment, roofed with palm leaves.

Refuge is equipped with 5 rooms with two beds, a private bathroom and toilet in each individual room.  Kitchen with dining room. The capacity is 15 people.



Electricity is available at limited time (by solar panel), waste water is drained into the ecological biodigestor, visitors are asked to survey water and appropriate handling of garbage. There is a first aid box, equipped also vaccines against snake bites. There are no signal for cell operators, for communication are used satellite phones.



This programs offer unforgettable and adventure experiences in one of the richest areas of biodiversity what still exists on this planet. Discover here exotic and representative species of the Amazon.Excursion to Pacaya Samiria National Reserve.


Come with us to spend your free time in the heart of this beautiful nature surrounded by majestic vegetation under dark blue sky what is reflected in quiet rivers of the national reservation Pacaya Samiria. Quiet surface of this rivers is sometimes interruped by pink dolphins, typical animal of Amazonia. Pacaya Samiria is also home of various kinds of exotic animals like turtles, anacondas, crocodiles, panthers, puma, capibara, monkeys, sloths and a lot of birds and parrots.


Here in the heart of the jungle Pacaya Samiria in Loreto, Peru, where all is reflected in dark waters, by this called "jungle of mirrors", you will find yourself in one of the biggest treasure of biodiversity in this world and what enables us live on this planet and this is what we want to share with you.


We have prepared various packages of programs by interest, but we can arrange also individual programs accourding to needs of participant who want to focus on more specific areas of knowledge. We also assist people who come to the reservation to do interesting projects, such as professional photography or filming a documentary about nature, or scientific projects focused on the study of nature and its conservation.


For fearless we offer camping in the jungle.


Our company had a opportunity to buy interesting area of about 24 ha near the community of San Pedro with very good access from Iquitos. The land is situated on the banks of a large lake called Aucacocha, which in translation means "Indian Lake".


This beautiful and peaceful place enabled us to realize a dream that we carry in our hearts and stand here cozy and comfortable facilities not only for relaxation and contact with nature, but also for sacred rituals with ayahuasca and cleansing the body and soul.


The facility is meanwhile in maloca equiped with kitchen and dining room, maloka - large ceremonial room in the shape of a circle, nice bathroom, toilets and 4 double tambos (bungalows) with personal toilet and bathroom, which allows us to start using this place and gradually continue in make a peaceful and magnify space for everybody.


The design was made carefully and with respect for the environment, in the context of sustainable development, and naturally in ecotourism to operate various activities. We use natural resources and waste, solar panel and biodigestor.


Our purpose is to help people develop and restore feeling and relationship to nature and ecosystems, because during stay guests are in immediate contact with a variety of plants and animals in their natural home, in the jungle. Another objective is to assist people in discovering themselves, their life path, purify the body and deeply touch of his inner world.

Friendly staff pleased to welcome make you feel at home. We offer activities, tours and spiritual cleansing and stay with Ayahuasca.



Our guests are accommodated in a comfortable bungalows (tambo) in traditional, natural style. They are constructed from local timber, roofed with palm leaves and protected by mosquito nets.

In each tambo there are two single beds with comfortable mattresses, pillows, bed sheets and mosquito nets. There is a private bathroom and flush toilet in each tambo.


We use flash lights and candles, in a limited time also electricity for charge the cellphones.



Food is mostly light, in a traditional style. Fish, chicken, fowl, pasta, salads, rice, grilled bananas, yucca, vegetables, fruits, soups, porridge ... The drinks are tea, natural fruit juices (refresco), coffee or coffee substitute, milk, and 24 hours drinking water.


To stay with cleansing rituals requires a special diet.



Oni Shobo lodge is ideal for leisure and holidays in touch with nature of the Amazon jungle. Space provides the rest and relaxation alone or in a group, accompanied by supporting activities or trips.


Strong and clean energy of the jungle helps to connect with nature and better understand it, its beautiful fragrance caress your soul and sounds of animals and trees unveil its mystery and helps open our hearts.


Such a remote place from civilization helps to forget the daily hustle and stress at work, which is very important nowadays, and just stay here helps re-establish the harmony of the mind and the body subsequently.